Adam Vojtěch graduated at the Law Faculty and the Social Sciences Faculty of Charles University in Prague. He has also studied at the Law Faculty of the University College Dublin – National University of Ireland as part of an exchange programme. During his studies, he led the Všehrd Association of Czech Lawyers, and was member of the management board of Randa Foundation, a charity that awards scholarships to talented and/or socially disadvantaged students. In addition, Vojtěch has worked as an intern in Brussels.

After finishing his studies, Vojtěch worked as a corporate lawyer and subsequently received an offer to work for the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic where he is vigorously active in the area of health policy. He primarily focuses on increasing the economic efficiency of health services. He serves as a member of the management board of the Universal Health Insurance Company and as a member of the Supervisory Board of the Czech Industrial Health Insurance Company as appointee of the Ministry of Finance.