Education for the digital age

The Division for Digital Overview and Communication has the overall responsibility for the development of “My Overview” – a system that is to provide Danish citizens with a state-of-the-art digital overview over their personal profile and running cases in the public system.

Dealing with public authorities through a digital interface should be easy and quick and leave the citizen confident that private data is not misused. It is, therefore, very important that the use of data in public authorities is completely transparent. On the long term “My Overview”, therefore, is to provide citizens with clear information about the type of data the public authorities is registering. The system will be implemented in steps towards 2024.

The Division has the responsibility to create the digital base that allows for the development and the daily work of “My Overview”. This is done through thorough and holistic analysis of demands and needed IT-architecture. The Division cooperates closely with all relevant authorities (ministries, regions and municipalities) to pin-point which data to include into “My Overview”. Only through cross cutting coordination it is possible to create one system that is able to function as a “one stop digital shop” for the citizen.

The Division is responsible for digital inclusion and provides help and guidance to Danish citizens to whom IT and digital solutions are a challenge. Last but not least, the Division is running as well internal as external communication and the work and development of digital communication platforms of the Danish Ministry of Finance.